Anubhav Dubey

Get mo - tea-vated

Hey, Anubhav Here!

an Entrepreneur & Co-Founder
Chai Sutta Bar

Known by the world as a Tea-Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist, & also UNYCC Awardee, though I prefer myself as an Executioner and Learner. I began my journey as a Businessman who is passionate about serving people with one thing that we all love – Chai.
Being a Startup co-founder with no resources and connections, I had to motivate my friend, co-founder, my team, and mostly myself. That’s how this journey as a motivational speaker began for me. Apart from this, I also had to reach out to my father with the help of these platforms.
Telling my story makes me realise how so many of us have the same dream. To do something different. To build something unique.
Hop on to know me and my journey more. To learn something together. Reach out to me through my below social media handles!